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Why should you try SWEAT by Naples Family Fitness?

SWEAT by Naples Family Fitness is a *Dynamic FUNctional Group Fitness Program designed to keep your body guessing and increase your desired results in a shorter period of time. SWEAT is programmed with multiple combinations of Warm Ups, Workouts and Cool Downs so that no 2 workouts are ever the same…. And you will SWEAT!
Think back to your first workout… You were tired, winded and sore. Eventually that went away and you have been chasing that feeling ever since. Your body adapted to your workout regimen to the point where it was just part of your normal day/week. When you include a Dynamic Workout, like SWEAT, your body cannot get use to the routine! Therefore you will consistently see results!
When starting an exercise program, its important to know many aspects of how it will affect you in the months/years ahead. You will go through 3 phases in your route to your goal.
Initial Phase – 1-3 Months: If you are just starting an exercise routine, you will notice a spike in energy and quick changes in your appearance, the way clothes fit, your weight, etc… This is your body adapting to the new change and the consistency of your routine.
Results/Improvement Phase – 3-??? Months: This is the most challenging phase. In this phase you will need to retrain your body with different workouts, combinations of workouts, different cardio routines. You will also need to educate yourself on different ways to workout the target area(s) you are interested in improving. You will need to know when and how to push harder/longer. This is also known as a Plateau Phase and when people start to give up on their routine. Never Give Up! Don’t forget why you started!
Maintenance Phase – Congratulations! You have reached your goal; now you will need to continue with target exercises to keep your body/health/mind where you worked so hard to achieve. The workouts are not as rigorous but they are still challenging.
One way to battle all of these phases would be to start a Dynamic Workout Routine with a Coach and fellow members that are there to keep you motivated to continue towards your goal and push you to new exercise limits you didn’t know you could achieve. SWEAT by Naples Family Fitness is exactly that kind of program!

*Dynamic Exercise: A form of exercise that consists of continuous and sustained movement of the arms and legs.SWEAT PASS

Dynamic FUNctional Group Training that will change the way you SWEAT forever! We design a Sweat of the Day each day to maximize your calorie burn and keep your body guessing what will happen next! Each class starts on the hour and here is what you will come to expect:
1) High energy atmosphere with qualified Coaches
2) Dynamic Warm up and full body stretch prior to the Sweat of the Day
3) Sweat of the Day explained in detail with full demonstration and modifications given to each person to make it truly YOUR workout!
4) 3…2…1…SWEAT! Get the best workout with Coaches there to keep you SAFE and MOTIVATED!
5) Post Sweat cool down and core work so you leave Sweaty and worked out from head to toe!
6) COACHES ARE THERE FOR QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, OR EVEN TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR PERSONAL GOALS! This isn’t your typical group fitness class. We are here to help YOU personally achieve your goals and become part of this amazing community!

SWEAT by Naples Family Fitness is located next to Naples Family Fitness at:
2349 Vanderbilt Beach Rd
Suite 522
Naples FL 34109

Katie Werchek – 312-371-5289 / Brittany Androchuk – 239-594-5050
Email: sweat@naplesfamilyfitness
Follow us on Social Media – Facebook – Naples Family Fitness and Sweat Naples Fit
Instagram – naplesfamilyfitness and sweatbynff

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