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Top 10 Reason to Take an Indoor Cycle Class



Naples Family Fitness is one of the premier gyms in Naples.  We offer a variety of group fitness classes, but one of our most popular classes is the indoor cycle class we offer.  Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Take an Indoor Cycle Class:

  1. High Calorie burn: An hour of cycling can offer a calorie burn of 800-1000 calories, depending on the intensity of your ride.
  2. Improved cardiovascular health: Cycling is both an endurance exercise and cardiovascular training.
  3. Progress at your own Pace: The instructor offers guidance and motivation but you decide how much tension/resistance to add by turning a knob and can adjust your work out as you become progressively stronger.
  4. Time Flies By: The instructor is constantly varying your workout to keep it fresh and new with new music and combos.
  5. Low Impact: Cycling keeps the pressure off the knees and feet when done from the seated position.
  6. Great looking legs: Cycling uses the large muscles of the legs causing them to take shape and look great.
  7. Get a great abdominal workout: The slightly tipped position and side-to-side movement works the center abdominal muscles and the side abdominals.
  8. Group Effect: Everyone rides together regardless of your fitness level.
  9. Working out in a group offers a greater level of motivation and encouragement.
  10. Great mental release: Cycling is a great way to unwind from a stressful day so you can enjoy your evening.
Come check out one of our amazing cycling classes to try something new.

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