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The 5 Major Benefits of Weight Training

For the last several decades, weight training has been gaining in popularity, and is a great resource for people to lose weight, get toned up, and look and feel amazing through resistance exercise. Weight training has become popular for people young and old, and is truly a staple of fitness for everyone who exercises.

As such, there are many benefits to weight training apart from the most obvious – building strength. Weight training provides a great option to prevent injuries and promote lower back health, as well as a host of other issues and benefits, including the following:

1) Lose Fat – Build Muscle

Weight training helps you build muscle, which in turn, burns body fat. When your body builds muscle, your metabolism works over time to lose fat, tone and slim your body down. The end result? A new, ripped you! Weight training promotes the best of both worlds when it comes to losing fat, but still building muscle.

2) Burn Calories All Day

Weight training promotes calorie burn all day long, as the act of building and repairing muscle throughout the day after your weightlifting session prompts the body to burn more calories. Because of that, weight training is beneficial for burning a great number of calories every day and working towards significant weight loss goals for you and your new body.

3) Prevent Injury and Poor Posture

Since weight training helps develop muscle and improve strength, it can do wonders when it comes to preventing injury and avoiding or curing poor posture. A good weight training regimen can take pressure of the joints in the legs, the areas around the lower back, and the tension typically held in the upper back, while correcting posture, improving circulation, and making you feel much better about yourself.

4) Less Time In The Gym

Gone are the days of spending an hour or two on a treadmill or cardio machine; when you train with weights, you can get to the point and get out of the gym! 30 to 45 minutes of weight training works wonders and can do more for your body than what two hours on the treadmill or elliptical machine can achieve.

5) Great Heart Health

Finally, and maybe most importantly, weight training promotes great heart health. As you build muscle and lose fat, you gain energy, and your heart becomes healthier, beating at far fewer beats per minute while resting. Weight training is a critical aspect of the regimen for people looking to reduce blood pressure, ease the dangers of hypertension, and improve heart health – while still losing weight and looking great through resistance exercises.

In all, weight training is a legitimate option for adults of all ages, and a reliable source of healthy results. When done in a consistent and focused way, weight training can promote great, lean muscle mass and fast fat loss that, in turn, makes you feel and look the best of your life!

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