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Nutritional Tips for Dieting

Dieting can seem like a very, very difficult endeavor, especially for people who haven’t had success with it before. After all, with all of the fads and gimmicks out there, how do you really know what you need to do in order to lose weight?

Rest assured, though, there are simple, straightforward, and effective nutritional tips for dieting. From losing weight, to building muscle and burning fat, to just feeling better about yourself each and every day.

Here are a few tips on how to drop the pounds as well as to look and feel great:

Evaluate your eating habits

Be honest with yourself first and foremost – if you honestly and openly evaluate your eating habits and make a plan of what you know doesn’t work (late night snacking, anyone?), you may be surprised at how easy it is to change.  Not only that, but honestly evaluate what you are eating daily.  Do you really think super sizing is ideal if you are trying to lose weight?  Often we know the answer to the things we need to adjust, but sometimes it is just a matter of clearly identifying some of our nagging issues.

Plan, plan, plan

If you fail to plan, well, you are going to fail! Plan out your meals every day, and always have options available that work for you no matter what your schedule may look like on one particular day.  When you plan your meals you eat before you are starving and you already have good, nutritious food options available instead of reaching for the first thing you can find, which may not always be the healthiest.

Eat regular meals

Regular meals keep your metabolism high and your body burning fat. Don’t forget to eat, and make it a point to eat small meals throughout the day.  When you eat more small, regular meals throughout the day, your body begins to use it’s metabolism much faster as it begins to anticipate the meals and no longer sees the need to store the food as fat in case you don’t feed it again soon. 

Don’t go to the grocery store while you are hungry

Sounds simple, right? When you shop hungry, you shop with your stomach, and not your mind. Go to the store on a full stomach and shop without buying all those tasty snacks that you know are bad for you, but you nevertheless can’t seem to avoid anyways.  Another rule of thumb for grocery shopping is to only shop the perimeter of the store.  This helps you to avoid the processed and packaged foods that tend to be less healthy options.

Eat while sitting at a table!

Always sit down and make it a point to have a designated meal time each and every day. That means, no mindless eating while rushing through your day. When you plan out meal time, you will find yourself being more conscientious about your meals and being more focused on what you put in to your body.  When you eat sitting down and undistracted, you not only enjoy your food more, but you also pay more attention to when you are full.

Eat slowly

Related to that idea is the fact that if you eat slower, you eat less. Why is that? Not only do you make it a purposeful event to eat your meal with focus and intention, but you also allow your body to fill up at a proper pace, instead of over-eating. Usually when we eat fast, we bypass any signals that we are already full such as taking a deep breath.  Fast eating leads to over eating.

Don’t eat after dinner

When dinner’s done, you should be done. Too many people pack on the pounds with late night snacking, and while it can be difficult to avoid, make it a point to finish eating with dinner, brush your teeth immediately afterwards, and move on with your night without food entering into the equation. If you do catch yourself hungry during the late hours, always try to nibble on protein instead of sweets or carbs.

Serve food on to smaller plates and leave the left overs on the stove

Instead of eating with the food right in front of you, serve your meals on to smaller plates and leave the extras on the stove. If you truly want seconds, you can get up can get it, but you may find that you need not enjoy seconds if you are truly satisfied with your first and only portion at the dinner table that evening.

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