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How To Incorporate Cardio Into Your Workouts & Why It’s Important

It’s critical that with any workout plan you undergo, you include some sort of cardiovascular routine to ensure good heart health while also improving lung capacity. No matter who you are, or what you are working out for, you want to build your lung capacity and strengthen your body’s oxygen production and absorption.  A great way to do that is to focus on a cardio routine and incorporate it into your workouts.

Cardiovascular exercise, like running on a treadmill, jogging outside, using a stationary bike, or even taking a kickboxing or dance class, is ideal to build lung and heart strength, as well as stabilize and lower your heart rate over time as you lose weight. For millions of people who aren’t active enough in their daily life, cardiovascular workouts are an essential component to helping them gain back their health as well as improve it drastically over time.

Start Small, Stay Focused

First and foremost, we always recommend that you start small with your cardio routines as you build up into larger workouts. You’re not going to run a marathon next week if you’ve never run before in your life.  By starting small, you allow yourself the time needed to build up your strength and stamina, which impacts your body in a healthy way. Stay focused on your end goals such as weight loss or improved health, and before you know it, your routine will become easier for your body to adapt to over time.

Look for cardio workouts in non-traditional spaces

One of the easiest and most sustainable ways to get a lot out of your cardio routine is to find ways to do it that are non-traditional. Sure, you can come to the gym every day, and we love to see you there, but even outside of the gym there are other ways to improve your health over time and make the addition of cardio to your workouts sustainable. From joining a sports or recreation league to have fun while getting active, enjoying the park with your children or friends by running races and moving around with them, or even dancing around in your living room, there are a lot of ways to stay active, sweat and still get your cardio in even if you are not on a piece of equipment.

Be patient and drink water!

Finally, be patient with your routine, and be ready to take it slow if you are a beginner. The last thing you want is an injury by going too hard too fast, thus putting yourself on the shelf when you could be out there getting active and losing weight. Stay hydrated, make it a point to drink water and get plenty of rest. Over time you will become better at your cardio workouts, and your overall health will also improve.

Incorporating cardiovascular workouts into your routine is crucial for losing weight, improving your heart health and imperative for muscle definition. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, you have the ability to get moving, get out there, and get healthy!

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