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A Letter for “New Year Resolutioners”

We applaud you and thank you for starting your fitness journey! There is never a time at the health club with more energy than the start of a new year! We know it can be hard and maybe even confusing at times; but I assure you that we are here to help! No one has ever started off an exercise program as a master; everyone was once a “beginner.”
Here are some tips to help make this years fitness resolution a successful one:
1. Take advantage of your complimentary personal training session. Too often we hear people say that they want to start exercising first and set up their training session once they have a feel for the gym. WHY?! How can you start your fitness journey if you have no idea where you are starting from? A trainer will do a fitness evaluation and help guide you in the correct direction.
2. Stop looking at the scale! The scale will tell you how much you weigh but not WHAT you weigh. Often times people will make the claim that they have been working out for weeks/months and have not seen a change in their weight. This can be true but muscle is 3 times the mass of fat. You can get leaner and weigh the same or not much of a difference in weight.
3. Set Clear Cut Goals. Do not just I want to workout 3 days a week and lose weight. Set your goal to be SPECIFIC days and add it to your calendar. Set your realistic goal weight / % of bodyfat for a specific date – and work towards that goal first. Until you write it down and design a plan – its just a wish, not a goal.
4. Educate yourself as much as possible. There are plenty of websites or people to converse with about the proper way to exercise and diet. Its not the same for everyone; learn your body type and what plan of attack. Realize what your true expectancy for results could/should be so that you are not discouraged if you feel you are not where you should be. This will also work as motivation for you to hit your goal at an earlier date or change the workout to make up for lagging.
5. DIET and SUPPLEMENTS – please read our blog about counting Macros NOT Calories. Its much easier than you would think it would be and your results will prove it. Diet is 70% of your fitness journey.
6. Get a workout buddy! If no one came with you then find someone that is already at the gym! You will be able to motivate each other and will more likely to try a new class or workout routine when you are in a more comforting environment.
7. Understand how your body will react to a workout routine. If you are just starting out on an exercise program, and are not generally active throughout the day; you will notice some changes rather quickly. You will also notice the changes slow down rather quickly. The reason is that your body has accepted this routine as the new norm. In order to continue to see results, you must change your workout routine roughly every 6 – 8 weeks.
Understand soreness and how you will feel. You will feel sore…. It will be even worse on day 2 – Drink a lot of water, eat bananas to replace the potassium, stretch and get a lot of rest.

Stay with it. Don’t get discouraged. Seek us out with any questions/concerns along the way; we are here to help you.

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  1. Thanks a ton for blogging this, it was very helpful and told a ton

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