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Get a Grip! Grip Strength Then And Now

Pinky indent from phone usage.

The Strange Way Technology May Be Affecting Your Body and What You Can Do to Prevent It

Take a look at the pinky on your dominant hand. Most people will find a dip on the inner middle section above the knuckle. Could this be from excessive phone use?

Technology is becoming growing part of our daily lives.  We are forced to either adapt to today’s connected world or get left behind.  Though technology is responsible for many of the world’s most beneficial innovations, recent research studies are discovering the unexpected side effects it may be having on us.

A recent comparative study on grip strength has produced some shocking results.  Researchers set out to find out if millennial’s (anyone born between the years 1980 and 2000) grip strength differed from that of previously established norms.  What they found is truly surprising. Millennials have the weakest grip strength compared to almost any other generation. Since 1985, women’s grip strength has weakened roughly 10 lbs while men’s grip strength has weakened a whopping 20 lbs!

Though a strong handshake is important, that is not the reason researchers are concerned with these results.  Rather, they are worried about what could be responsible for this decline in grip strength. Scientists have only one explanation: Technology.

Today’s occupations compared to those in the 19th century are must more stationary. More than ever, people are working from their desks, phones and even from home. 100 years ago, most jobs involved hard physical labor. We have evolved from a manufacturing and agricultural society to a technological society and our bodies have evolved to adapt.

Millennials grew up in a time when the internet and cell phones were still in their early stages. Imagine what today’s children’s grip strength will be like!

This decline in physical labor makes exercise more important than ever. Our bodies are not being exerted during our normal workdays as they would’ve been 100 years ago. We must make up for this lack in physical activity with exercise.

It is also important to keep children active as well. It is harder than ever to get them to play outside because they have a house full of less exhausting, equally as fun activities to do. Try to plan a family activity day every week to keep your family strong and healthy.



  1. Thanks a ton for blogging this, it was very helpful and told a ton

  2. Interesting post! I agree that the current occupations and way of life tend to require less physical activity. Which is why it is important to work out.

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