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4 Reasons Proper Nutrition is Important for Weight Loss

So you want to lose weight, huh? Great! You know the first step is exercise, of course, but there’s a major tip to losing weight that so many people seem to skip over: you need to eat to lose weight!

It sounds crazy, and of course you shouldn’t be eating burgers and fries to drop fat and shed pounds, but if you really want to make your weight loss a long term, sustainable life change, you’re going to have to embrace nutrition, and focus on eating (the right kind of) food each and every day!

In fact, there are four major reasons why it’s critical to eat properly to promote weight loss.

1) Burn It Off!

When you’re exercising, you burn calories. But as you stop exercising and move throughout the day, your body begins to change. If you aren’t fueling yourself with proper food, your body moves from burning fat (its energy stores) during the workout, to burning muscle during the day. That’s bad; the more muscle you burn, the more fat stays on your body as emergency energy stores, and the tougher it is to lose weight.

But when you fuel your body with great nutritious foods throughout the day, your metabolism is free to burn unwanted fat stores, since it is getting energy from the healthy food you’re eating. Always remember: eat to burn!

2) Fuel Your Energy and Workouts

Anyone losing weight is likely exercising in some form or another. That takes energy and commitment, and to get that energy, you need calories. By eating nutritious foods and committing to a proper diet, you fuel your body the right way so that you can make it through workouts and feel great, no matter the date, time, or place.

Just like a car with gasoline, your body needs that fuel to keep going and make it through each successive workout, burning fat stores and getting better and better each and every day.

3) Make It Sustainable

Weight loss is a short-term change for most people, but when you do it right, it can be a long term solution. Sustainable weight loss depends on creating habits that can last a lifetime, so that when you lose that 20 or 30 pounds (or more!) you can be sure to keep it off and look great for the rest of your life.

Because of that, it’s critical to eat during weight loss, and commit to learning how to eat the right foods. If you can eat while losing weight, you can teach your body how to function, and pick up habits that will last forever. No more yo-yo dieting; make it sustainable and turn your weight loss into an overall lifestyle!

4) Learn Lifelong Habits

By eating to attain weight loss, you are learning life long habits every day that will make your goals and results last forever. No more 500 calorie-a-day diets that are impossible to continue for years, and no more jumping back up and down in pounds when you go on a fast food binge.  Proper nutrition during weight loss provides you with the habits you will need to keep that weight off and look and feel great – the right way – for years to come.

It does take a great deal of commitment and discipline, but it is possible to learn the right nutrition habits and tips for long-term and permanent weight loss. If you work with one of our Personal Trainers, we can help you with these important tips.  Contact Us today for more information!

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